Our Pipeline


teaching the wonders of STEM and FIRST

In 2010 when Beth Hadley created the FIRST pipeline in Northville, she could not have expected what would come out of it. Since 2010, the FIRST programs in Northville have grown exponentially, and the Robostangs have been along the ride, guiding and nurturing it. Our programmers train an FTC team 11367, The Omega Bots. We also provide EV3 kits for teams in our FLL program. And along with hosting a 2 month Jr. FLL mentoring program, we also host one of the biggest Jr. FLL expos in the state. These pipeline programs keep students from K-12 and beyond engaged in STEM, engaging 200 student. In fact, around 2/3 of our team have participated in our pipeline program. We hope to continue and expand these programs in the coming years.